Silico Quality

Quality Assurance

Silico’s standards ensure a thorough and stringent process for detecting counterfeit products. Silico inspectors utilize state of the art equipment and microscopy for verifying part marking, body conditions, and lead quality. Silico has made significant investments in quality control to ensure the security of the supply chain; in-house engineers and quality assurance inspectors follow continuous training improvement programs to stay up-to-date on industry issues and standards. Photographs are taken of all components for traceability and “golden unit” identification. Our history in the industry and vendor qualification process steer our procurement teams to deal with reputable firms in technology sectors. In addition to leading edge visual inspection, Silico can also offer full component testing for fit, form, function, and authenticity. Silico Systems works with many of the well-known Defense Logistics Agency certified test labs for third party verification or MIL-Aero testing. Silico Systems is committed to fulfilling quality requirements set forth by our customers.

Quality Policy

Silico is passionate in our relentless pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement by providing reliable products of the highest quality meeting customer requirements, on-time delivery and dependable fast-paced support that help our customers succeed in their covered market.

We focus on quality, reliability, technology, service, and costs in order to make state-of-the-art solutions available to our customers at minimized costs. This requires reliable, defect-free product and 100% error-free delivery. With our Quality Management System, we reassure a culture of responsibility, innovation, and accountability to guarantee our continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by installing the following principles into our daily practices.

  1. Management Commitment: Quality, reliable fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
  2. Ownership for Quality: Every employee takes ownership and is held accountable for meeting customer requirements and the quality of the product/service.
  3. Responsiveness: Quick Response to customer concerns and inquiries.
  4. Compliance: Complying with government legislation, regulations, and applicable industry standards.

ESD Control: Silico’s product inspection specialists and departments are ANSI ESDS20.20 compliant and all personal in quality control are trained on proper ESD handling procedures.

Counterfeit Mitigation Policy

As supply and demand continue to exist in today’s global component marketplace, counterfeiters will continue to try and illegally profit. Silico Systems has adapted a zero counterfeit objective policy. This policy of Silico Systems prevents the procurement, acceptance, and shipment of suspect/counterfeit parts. Silico Systems implemented counterfeit avoidance programs include:

  1. 100% inspection and screening of all components to identify suspect/counterfeits.
  2. Avoid purchasing suspect/counterfeit components by utilizing Silico systems AVL’s.
  3. Leading edge industry training to all employees.
  4. Manage and dispose of suspect/counterfeit parts.
  5. Reporting of all suspect counterfeits to appropriate organizations.

Counterfeiting is a serious threat to all in the electronics supply chain and the reason Silico Systems has adapted a zero counterfeit objective.

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